ABCD Dance Championship 2013

ABCD DanceChampionship 2013

ABCD dance championship 2013 is organised by ABCD team (up coming movie) and it is presented by Fictitious Dance group. This championship is trying to give chance to those who deserve this.

You can participate as solo or in group. Both option you have. There are three categories  group dance, solo dance(above the age of 14) and solo dance below the age of 14. There is also a solo B-Boying battle. For Audition and participation in this championship there is small entry fees.

The judges of ABCD dance championship 2013 are Dharmesh, Prince and Salman of Dance India Dance.

If you are dancer and you want to show your talent then participate in this championship.

Mega Audition is on 12 jan 2013

Grand Finale is on 19 jan 2013

Location virar,Mumbai.

For more info contact us on 09890181006, 9004049154.

Details About Championship:

The Entry Fee Of Group Dance is 1500 /-

First Prize is 50,000/-

Second Prize is 20,000/-

Third Prize is 10,000/-

The Entry Fee Of Solo Dance (Above 14) is 500 /-

First Prize is 20,000/-

Second Prize is 10,000/-

Third Prize is 5,000/-

The Entry Fee Of Solo Dance (Below 14) is 500 /-

First Prize is 5,000/-

Second Prize is 2,000/-

The Entry Fee Of Solo B-Boying Battle is 500 /-

First Prize is 10,000/-

Second Prize is 5,000/-

Best Power Move Prize is 2,500/-

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