Ace of Space Season 2 Auditions 2019 and Registration

After the huge success of the first season, Ace of Space is back and the channel MTV has announced the Ace of Space Season 2 auditions 2019 and registration details. The reality show features the Participants who stay in the MTV Ace of Space House and perform certain tasks given to them from time to time during the show.

Every week housemates nominate each other for eviction from the show. The show is looking for participants who are mentally and physically fit and can perform various tasks.

Ace of Space Season 2 Auditions 2019

Ace of Space Season 2 Auditions 2019 and Registration

Want to be a part of Ace of Space Season 2? then fill the registration form with the details and upload your video by clicking on the register button.

The registration period is open from 6th May 2019 to 15th June 2019 (End Date or the Participation Period may be extended or modified by Viacom18).

Participation Rules:

  1. Participants need to share their entry by recording their response to the Participation Question in the form of an audio-visual recording and submit it on the Voot App and website.
  2. Participants upload Participation Video on the Voot App multiple numbers of times shall select the first entry of the Participation Video for the Ace of Space Season 2 auditions 2019.
  3. After the registration process and submit the Participation Video will be called for the further audition rounds.

Ace of Space 2019 Registration Eligibility

The registration is open to all individual:

  1. If citizens of India and hold valid proof of citizenship;
  2. If foreign national, have all required permissions such as work permits, visas, statutory registration documents etc from relevant authorities as may be required to enable them to legally participate in the Audition and/or the Program and their participation shall be subject to 10 (iii) of this Terms and Conditions;
  3. Are above 18 (eighteen) years of age;
  4. Are viewers of the Program;
  5. Have and are able to provide a valid email address to Viacom18 when required;
  6. Have downloaded the Voot mobile application (owned and operated by Viacom18) on their mobile phone device and/or any other device (“Voot App”) and registered themselves on the Voot App.
  7. The Participant agrees that he/she will be required to submit all valid proofs of name/ age/ address/ nationality/citizenship and/or any other document if and as may be required by Viacom18 from time to time.
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