Big Boss Season 7 Registration Details Coming Soon

Big Boss Season 7 Registration Details Coming Soon

Big Boss is very famous reality show of India. It has given 6 successive season. It is Indian Version of UK famous Big Brother Show.

In this show the contestant are selected from various fields of glamour and media. The host of this show is very well known superstar Mr Salman Khan.

The show will air in September 2013. The show is always giving chance to a one common peoples to be part of this famous show.

So Give audition for Big Boss 7 and you might be become lucky guy to get chance to be part of this show.

The Audition Details is coming very soon.

For further details , stay in touch with us.

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      • Shantanu Gangwar
    1. narinder sandhu
    2. Sagar darji
    3. Himanshi Gupta
    4. Sagar
    5. Darji sagar
    6. Abhishek J
    8. shivendra
    9. vandana chugh
    10. anil kumar
    11. anil kumar
    12. Vishnu Rajbhar
    13. salman
    14. Bhushan Nachone
    15. Mahtab
    16. lakshya sharma
    18. MD.HAMEED
    19. Sunil Dwivedi
    20. sanjay
    21. AMAR
    22. Naina
    23. Naina
    24. rishabh kumar singh
    25. manpreet singh
    26. manpreet singh
    27. manpreet singh
    28. manpreet singh
    29. Nisha
    30. Alok kumar
    31. Alok kumar
    32. vaibhav Dalvi
    33. vaibhav Dalvi
    34. bal mukund srivastava
    35. samresh singh
    36. deepak kumar
    37. vijay mohite
    38. vijay mohite
    39. wasimc
    40. SYED
    41. SYED

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