CID Veerta Awards 2013

CID Veerta award 2013

CID veerta award is given to those who set the example of bravery in the society. It is initiative by SONY TV to bring those common heroes who never got appreciation for his bravery .

CID veerta award is organized from few years and it is very famous bravery award.

If you are brave and honest and you also has done a bravery kind of things in real life then we are searching you only.

CID team searching the heroes and their real stories. If you are or you know any people have bravery real story then you can contact us and be a part of CID veerta award 2013.

You can contact us on 05052525 or you can register –Click Here.

You can mail us at- CID Veerta Awards, Multi Screen Media Private Limited, PO Box No. 17680, Malad Post Office, Malad Link Road, Malad West, Mumbai – 400064.

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