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I think you must have heard about this new reality show Fresh Enuf if you are watching MTV. If not, then it is a reality show Fresh Enuf that is present by  Colgate Max Fresh and MTV to hunt fresh talent in India. If you think that You are Fresh Enuf then participate in this show.

The contestants will get chance to be a part of Workshop organized by Remo D’souza Who we all know. The winner of this show will get the chance to work with Remo. To register yourself just Click here.

The judges of this show will be Remo D’souza and Nikhil chinappa. Both are very well known peoples on Indian television. Nikhil Chinappa will be the host of Colgate Max Fresh MTV Fresh Enuf contest.

Remo D’souza- He is a very famous choreographer, film director and actor. He has contributed to Indian cinema in many ways. He also judge the many dance reality shows. He is the perfect guy for this show.

Nikhil Chinappa- He is a very famous Host and VJ on MTV. He also has host many reality shows  for different channels.

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