Great Legends Of Bollywood Who Left Us

Great Legends Of Bollywood Who Left Us

The year 2012 was very good for Indian flim industry (Bollywood) but many famous and great stars of this industry left us. Their contribution was very precious for bollywood and we will never forget them. we are trying to remember once again all the great persons once again who left us.

Yash Chopra

We all know what he has given to Indian flim industry. He is also known as king of romance. He died few months before due to dengue.

Pandit Ravi Shankar

He was the legend of sitar and was famous not only in India but in the whole world. He worked with many other legends. He died in December,2012.

Rajesh Khanna

The first superstar of bollywood – “ Rajesh Khanna”. He was the legend actor of his time. Peoples of India first time the superstar what is. He died in July,2012

Dara Singh

He was a great actor and well known wrestler of his time. He died in July,2012.

A.K. Hangal

He was the great person and a actor. He was well know in country for his contribution in flim Sholay. He dies in August.

This was the small try of AuditionDate.In to salute those legends.

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