How to prepare for DID Auditions

How to prepare for DID Auditions? If you are thinking then stop it and read this. The detail about how to prepare for Dance India Dance Audition by Shakti Mohan ( DID 2 Winner) ki Jubani.

Zee tv’s Dance India Dance is battle of amazing dancers. From all over the world best dancers require lots of hard work and preparation.

How To Win DID Audition

DID Auditions –

It is not easy as it looks. It’s the most challenging part of the whole competition.

Day 1

when you go for preliminary round of audition in your city make sure you have your 2-3 minutes routine ready in the style which you are best at.
Go early and stand in the queue 1-2 hour prior to designated time.
You will be amazed to see even if you go two hours prior a queue of thousands of people already standing and waiting for their turn.

It’s pretty hot and sunny out there so remember to carry something to drink,eat and cover yourself from the sun. Expect a minimum of four hours to maximum 8 hrs in the line.
The very first day would consume 12 hours from you. And don’t expect to meet your judges today, you will have choreographers from your town or other DID contestants conducting auditions.
You will be divided into batches and once everyone from the batch had an opportunity to present their work in front of the judges, you will be assessed and the results of who are short listed will be announced to every batch.

If you clear round one you will have an interview, It’s advisable that you speak about how much you want to be in the competition and your feelings towards dance.
After you clear that there’s one final round to present the same choreography to the creative team of the show. They will be finally deciding if you will be performing in front of the judges in the city audition or not. Creative directors of the show are very sharp and they take care of the content of the whole season of DID. Your future is in their hands practically.

After you have successfully cleared round one you will be sent for media bytes. That would feel strange at first as it was to me. I was extremely shy and could not give them one liners about myself. Made a mess of it totally on day one. My advise “just be yourself”

Day 2

It is the day where you will face the judges of the show. You will be called at 6in the morning to stand in the line. You will be asked to do things for camera like open the gate and run in, expect retakes if you don’t do it well.
Finally when you see your judges come in that’s a feeling that will energise you. From the moment you see them and the time you go on stage will be hours and hours of waiting and watching all the contestants go and perform. You will see some coming out happy with takdeer Ki topi and some really low.

After you have had your turn on stage depending on how it went if you clear it you will be asked to wait till all the contestants finish performing. A letter from Zee TV will be handed out to all the short listed contestants which will mention the dates of mega audition, what to carry etc etc
Prepare 3 solos in advance for mega audition (mostly you will get to perform one but you never know) keep all ready as back up.

Mega Audition

This is it. The most challenging process ever… All the short listed participants from all over the country and the world will be under one roof for 4-5 days. You will be put up in a hotel with 3-4 people in a room. Every evening you will get to meet your respective judges who will teach you a piece of choreography which will be presented in groups the very next day. We were assigned in groups of 6 and faced all the three judges every day with new routines every day. The key to clearing this round is keep your mind focused to the routines. Do not get very judgemental on your style because it is impossible for you to get a new style over night. Remember to give your best and keep an open mind about what judges feel about it.

After you clear Remo sir’s, Geeta ma’s and Terence sir’a choreography round you will have to present your solo. Which will be the final round before you make it to the show. Well I think solo should be what you are best at. Do not experiment with something new in terms of the style at this stage it might not be the best advise.

Oohh totally forgot… When you do your solos you will meet Mithun dada for the first time and he is amazing and very motivating.

After this the judges will pick you for the final teams . After that you are in very good hands through out the competition. Enjoy each and every bit of it. You will be extremely tired and cranky after a few weeks and would want to give up take some rest. Don’t let this side take over you. Keep fighting till the end. It’s a beautiful process.

So good luck and I hope to see you there

I wish I had all of this information from a DID contestant before I went in so I could be more prepared mentally but nevermind. I loved it anyways…

– Shakti Mohan ( DID 2 Winner, Actor)

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