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RajuBanGayaDirector‬ Contest

Is your dream to be an director than don’t miss this chance. Idea is giving you chance to work with famous award-winning director Imtiaz Ali. Idea present ‘- RajuBanGayaDirector‬ Contest.

To participate in RajuBanGayaDirector‬ Contest, you just have to make  short film with your mobile phone and upload it.

To upload a video Click Here

There will be a 3 round in this contest.

The Offer is open for any person who is the resident of India and who fulfills the below criteria.

• Has neither been convicted nor prosecuted for commission of any criminal offence nor are of an unsound mind.

• Is not under any legal disability e.g. insolvency, restraint by court order etc. and / or is prohibited from entering any contractual relationship.

 To Participate in the Offer:

• To participate in the contest, Participant is required to upload a short film.

He/She needs shoot a film on his mobile phone and upload it on the website. The film should be an original creation of the Participant and should not be a copy of any existing famous film or extract of any film. The ideas contained in the film should also be original and the Participant indemnifies Idea completely against any third party intellectual property rights infringement
claims brought against Idea.

• The film should not contain any material or any information, data, or images in any form that may result in such material being classified as obscene or indecent, libelous, slanderous or obscene, or hurting feelings of any clan, group, gender or religious or community.

• He/she can either upload a YouTube link of the movie or directly on the website.

• 30 (Thirty) shortlisted films selected on the basis of concept, shall be judged by an external party, and then displayed in a gallery on the website.

• Out of these 30 (Thirty), 10 (Ten) films will be shortlisted based on concept, public voting, and judged by an external party.

• The 10 (Ten) selected participants will then be given a common script by the Organisers. They will have to create a 5‐10 minutes film on that script within a stipulated time frame.

•            The top 4 (Four) out of the 10 (Ten) selected Participants will be shortlisted based on the script execution andshall be judged by an external party.

•             One winner, judged by an external party, will be selected for the internship.

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