India Ke Mast Kalandar Audition & Online Registration Details

The SAB TV channel who is known for its comedy shows is coming with entertainment and comedy series India Ke Mast Kalandar. Sony Pictures Networks India Private Limited owned SAB TV is looking for participants for India Ke Mast Kalandar show. If you have the talent to make laugh others then India Ke Mast Kalandar audition and registration is open for you.

If you have any kind of talent like Mimicry, Singing, Dancing, Drama or anything thant make laugh then partcipate in the show by registration online. The tag line of the show is “Apne kisi bhi atrangi andaaz se agar aap India ko hasa sakte hain, to aap is show per aa sakte hain.”

India Ke Mast Kalandar Audition

India Ke Mast Kalandar Audition & Registration

The show is looking for contestants who can make the viewers laugh with their unique talent. To become a contestant of the show, participants have to fill the India Ke Mast Kalandar registration form and upload a video featuring their unique comic act on SonyLIV. Click on the register button to get the online form.

Eligibility for the India Ke Mast Kalandar Audition

  • The Participant must be citizens of India and must have a valid nationality proof like passport, PAN Card, Ration Card, Aadhar Card etc. and the Participant shall produce such documents on the request.
  • The Participants should be of sound mind and health and must not be disqualified by law or have any criminal record.
  • The Participant must be of Indian origin (who can participate after being registered.
  • The registrations start from 9th June, 2018 and open till 1st July, 2018
  • The Participant shall then upload a video of him/her performing a comic act as per the following specifications
  • The Audition Video may consist of any original comic act of the Participant. However, the Audition Video must consist of the Participant performing clearly. No humming is allowed.
  • Dialogues in the Audition Videos should be in Hindi only

For the complete terms and conditions, visit

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    1. Sanjib das
    2. Murugan (A) padaiyappa
    3. Akash srivastava
    5. Rahul Upadhyay
    6. Hrishi Nayudu
    7. Hrishi Nayudu
    8. pankaj patil
    9. Swati Sharma
    10. mohan sahia
    11. Pooran Prajapati
    12. Pooran Prajapati
    13. Razi ansari
    14. Rahul pande
    15. Deepika bagga
    16. haider ali
    17. Sushant rathoure
    18. Suqrat
    19. Bodana Khushal. M
    20. Paresh parmar
    21. Harsh yadav
    22. Prince Lewis
    23. mukesh jogi

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