Zee TV India’s Best Judwaah Auditions & Registration Online

ZEE TV presents India’s Best Judwaah a unique reality show where 12 identical twins from across India will participate in the show. These twins have to go through various challenges & tasks to win the crown of India’s Best Judwaah. Indian television’s popular twins Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman, judges of the famous reality show–Roadies will be a mentor of the show.

The show is all about twins, India’s Best Judwaah will give a platform to twins to showcase their connection. They have to go through various physical, mental and emotional challenges to test their compatibility & connection. So, if you are above 18 years of age and are identical twins (Monozygotic) participate in the show.

India’s Best Judwaah Auditions & Registration

India’s Best Judwaah Auditions

All the twins can participate in the show through online audition. The interested can upload a video of themselves and also required to share what makes them special and what are the five things they like and dislike about their sibling. Click on the register button to fill the form.

Zee TV India’s Best Judwaah Registration

1. Fill the form below.
2. Upload your video answering these questions:
-Share a story/incident where being twins had its advantages and disadvantages.
-What makes you and your Twin Special?
-What are the five qualities you like and dislike about your twin sibling?
3. Your Submission is complete only after fulfilling the above two steps.

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