Kon Hoeel Marathi Crorepati 3 2016 Registration & Participate Details

Colors Marathi presents Kon Hoeel Marathi Crorepati 3 2016. It is a Marathi game show of Hindi version KBC. The show is hosted by Maharashtra’s famous actor Swapnil Joshi and this time it is bigger and better as the stakes are higher with Rs. 3 CRORE prize money. Below is given information on how to participate and do registration for Kon Hoeel Marathi Crorepati season 3 2016.

How To Participate in Kon Hoeel Marathi Crorepati 3 201g

1. The four multiple choice answer options will be aired each day during the promotions of the Show beginning from July 24th 2016 to July 30th, 2016 in the 1st round and total of seven unique questions will be asked during the First Round Period.

2. The calls and vSMS for participating should have been completed on or before closing of the phone lines in order to be considered as a valid entry.

Kon Hoeel Marathi Crorepati 3 2016 Registration & Participate

3. The cellular/landline number from which the registration is received will be used as unique identification number received to identify the Registrant. Each Registrant may submit multiple entries. Valid Entries sent each day shall only be considered for the random selection process for that day.

4. To participate in Kon Hoeel Marathi Crorepati 3 2016, the viewers has to give the correct answer by choosing the correct option and sending the mention below.

Answer through SMS

a. KHMC<Space>A/B/C/D<Space><Age(completed years as on July 23, 2016)><Space><Gender (M/F)> . For e.g. KHMC A 24 M
b. The following data fields will be stored (1) Number from which SMS is received (2) Message (3) date of receipt (4) time of receipt
c. In a case of error in SMS format, the response message will read along the lines of “Invalid entry. The correct format is KHMC (Space)(Answer(A/B/C/D))(Space)(Age (completed years))(Space)(Gender (M/F)). T&Cs on colorsmarathi.com/khmc”.

Answer through IVR

a. First Round Period: Call on 5056882 01/02/03/04 (i.e. call 5056882 and 01 for option A, 02 for option B, 03 for option C and 04 for option D). The IVR will be in Marathi only.
b. The Registrant will be asked to enter an age in completed years (for e.g. if a person is 25 years and 11 months old, they will have to enter 25) and confirm the same
c. A registrant will be taken through the IVR menu where he will be asked to enter gender (1 for male and 2 for female) and confirm the same
d. And the call will end with a thank you note / play back option.

Kon Hoeel Marathi Crorepati 3 2016 Questions

Registration Question No. 7 (30 July 2016)


Question : Name Dashrath’s wife who insisted on Ramabeing forced into exile for 14 years ?
Options   :  A) Kaikeyi                                      B) Kaushalya
                   C) Sumitra                                      D) Sunaina
Registration Question No. 6 (29 July 2016)


Question : Which of these is the title of a serial currently being aired on Colors Marathi ?
Options   :  A) Saraswati                                  B) Parvati
                   C) Durga                                         D) Lakshmi


Registration Question No. 5 (28 July 2016)


Question : What does the letter ‘S’ stand for in theIndian research organization ISRO ?
Options   :  A) Star                                            B) Solar
                   C) Satellite                                      D) Space


Today’s KHMC Season 3 (27 July 2016)


Question :  Complete the idom-  ‘____________godd lagla mhanun mulasakat khau naye’?
Options   :  A) Kanis                                          B) Batata
                   C) Oos                                            D) Kanda
Registration Question No. 3 (26 July 2016)


Question :  Who won the men’s T20 Cricket World Cup in April 2016 ?
Options   :  A) England                               B) West Indies

                 C) India                                     D) New Zealand

Registration Question No. 2 (25 July 2016)


Question : In 1674, Which fort served as a venue for Chhatrapati Shivaji’s coronation ceremony ?
Options   :  A) Lal Qila                                     B) Vasai fort
                   C) Raigad                                    D) Ford Aguada

Registration Question No.1 (24 July 2016)


Question : Which film released in 2016 is based on the real-life story of a courageous air hostess ?
Options   :  A)  Air Lift                                     B) Neerja
                   C) Sarabjit                                    D) Sultan
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