Love Me India Kids Season 2 Audition 2019 & Registration

A unique musical reality show Love Me India Kids is all set to come back with season 2. All the interested participants whose age is between 5 (five) to fifteen (15) years can register for the Love Me India Kids Season 2 auditions. This live singing reality show for kids is a great platform for them to showcase their talent.

The show will select kids from across India and divided them into different zones like North, South, East and West. So, if your kid has singing talent then do not miss the audition.

Love Me India Kids Season 2 Audition 2019

Love Me India Kids Season 2 Audition 2019 & Registration

The audition details of Love Me India Kids Season 2 is not yet announced by the channel but expected to take in July 2019. To give audition, all the partcipants hvae to register through Zee5 website and app.

It is a live singing show and viewers have the power to choose their singing superstar from the audition phase. Love Me India will provide viewers to vote live for their favourite through the Zee5 app.

Love Me India Kids 2019 Eligibilty Crietria

  • Each Participant must be a citizen of India.
  • Each Participant must be between 5 to 15 years
  • Participants must be medically fit and must have any criminal conviction.
  • Guardian(s) and/or the Participant(s) shall have reviewed the Terms and Conditions before the registration.


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    1. Vani agrawal
      • Ritik sharma
    2. Vatsalya dubey
    3. Akaah singh chauhan
    4. abhitendra singh
    5. Shyam sinha
    6. Junali sonowal
    7. Ananta meher
    8. rahul mahato
    9. Yashvi Gohil
    10. Yashvi Gohil
    11. vijay Shinghanya
    12. Tanish
      • Biswajit Roy
    13. Ravi
    14. Utkarsh mani tripathi
    15. sachin rajendra pachange
      • Faim shaikh
    16. Vikas singh
    17. Vikas singh
    18. Jay dev rajoriya
    19. Sanjoy kr.paul 7002803517
    20. Faim shaikh
    21. Swati Sharma
    22. Rudraksh Barge
    23. Shaikh booshra nafis
    25. Aman kumar

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