MTV Roadies Battleground 2018 Auditions & Registration Details

Renault MTV Roadies Battleground 2018 auditions are going on for the participants who want to participate in the MTV Roadies Xtreme. The road of Roadies is this time tougher and would get more tough as this time the Roadies Battleground 2018 is LIVE. So, get ready for the to face ruthless competitors who has one dream, to become part of Roadies Xtreme.

The participants of MTV Roadies Battleground 2018 will have to face live tasks and the show is looking for mentally and physically strong participants who will perform various tasks. Here are the complete MTV Roadies Battleground 2018 registration details.

MTV Roadies Battleground 2018 Auditions

MTV Roadies Battleground 2018 Auditions & Registration

The participants who are ready for tough challenges and have the psychological strength to take the risks and efforts the participate in the show. If you still want to be a Roadie, then Send a video telling what makes you Xtreme in 15 seconds and you might be the next Roadie. Share your video on Facebook or Instagram with #RBG2018 & tag MTV Roadies. Or, you can mail your videos to [email protected]

All the shortlisted participants then we’ll assign a task and a slot to go live on Facebook, you have to attempt the 2 challenges in 2 minutes, with 15 seconds to do each task. If MTV Roadies likes your broadcast, then you go through.

Renault MTV Roadies Battleground Promo

Renault MTV Roadies Battleground is LIVE!This is your one last chance to get a direct entry to Roadies Xtreme. So if you think you're Xtreme, upload your 15 second video on Facebook or Instagram and tag #rbg2018 & MTV Roadies. You can also send us your video at Log on now: India MTV India Participation/ Submission of Entries on any platform implies acceptance, without protest, of all rules set forth by the Organizer for the Contest and the Terms and Conditions. Terms and Conditions is available at

Posted by MTV Roadies on Thursday, 18 January 2018

Roadies Battleground 2018 Eligibility:

The Contest is open to all participants who area

  • bove age of 18 years
  • have a valid Facebook account
  • have a valid Instagram account and (
  • followers of official Facebook and/or Instagram account page of official MTV India
  • Each Participant shall have in his/ her possession one of the valid legal document as mentioned below to prove his/her age: a. Driving license; or b. Voters identity card; or c. School leaving certificate; d. Birth certificate; or e. Ration card or f. Passport
  • Each Participant shall have a valid 4 wheeler driving license in order to participate in Program

Total 4 Participants shortlisted from the RBG 2018 will get chance to compete with Journey Phase contestants of the show and only 1  participants will get the opportunity to participate as a ‘Roadie’ in the show.

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    1. GrearUp World
    2. Syed salman
        • mr raghav
          • Amrinder shergill
    3. Bhavin Chaubeg
    4. mohit chaudhary
    5. Sachin namdev
    6. Sachin namdev
    7. Niketan tare
    8. Pankaj rai
    9. Vijay
    10. Vijay
    11. deepak
      • viresh Devgiri
    13. Amaan siddiqui
      • viresh Devgiri
    14. Sayed Muzammil
    15. Sameer Khan
    16. syed samad
    17. Shaik amanullah
    18. Bamnawat ajayraj
    19. ravinder
    20. Vikas
    21. Gudu
    22. Pankaj sharma
    23. manish singh
    24. Sunny das
    25. Sahil Khan
    26. Asim Samanta
    27. Neeraj Singh
    28. Neeraj Singh
    29. Srinuvasa yadav
    30. Akash
    31. Rakesh kumar
    32. Rakesh
    33. Simran
    34. Devender jindal
    35. M.Sreekar rao
    36. Gaurav
    37. pratibha sharma
    38. Nayan Tank
    39. milon chetry
    40. Ankur kumar
    41. amit das
    42. Amit Choudhary
    43. amit choudhary
    44. Syed basith
    45. Chanchal
    46. ankush dhagat
    47. Gaurav Kumar
    48. Neeraj
    50. Amrinder shergill
    51. ajay kumar
    52. Veer Singh
    53. Akash Patil
    54. Pathan Shah
    55. Pathan Shah
    56. Pathan Shah
    57. Pathan Shah
    58. Pathan Shah
    59. Pathan Shah
    60. Sujoy sarkar
    61. DakshVJ
    62. Amit kumar
    63. Amit kumar

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