Star Plus Dance+ Winner of Final War Grand Finale

star plus dance+ winner

On 11th october, we’ll get out first Star Plus Dance+ Winner. The new dance reality show of Star Plus Dance Plus (Dance+) are in final stage and only for contestants are left for Final War (grand finale). The show has become popular among peoples in its first season itself. Remo D’souza and its team has wonderfully judge the show and trained the contestants.

From team Dharmesh, Hardik Rawat and V company, from team shakti and sumeet  Poppin Ticko and question mark got selected for grand finale of Dance+ respectively. This four contestants will face one another on final stage of Dance plus.

All the four finalist have that magic and talent that every dancer want in them. So let wait for grand finale.

You can vote for your favourite contestants in follwoing ways: 

(Voting lines are open till Sunday 11th October 2015)

To vote for V company  miss call on 18002740210 or tweet  with #IVoteForVCompany

To vote for Harik Rawat  miss call on 18002740215 or tweet  with #IVoteForVHarik

To vote for Question Mark miss call on 18002740216 or tweet  with #IVoteForVQuestionMark

To vote for Poppin Ticko miss call on 18002740217 or tweet  with #IVoteForVPoppinTicko

Star Plus Dance+ Winner of Final War:

The winner name of dance reality Star Plus Dance+ announced on 11th october in final war (Grand Finale) is V COMPANY.

V Company won the Dance+ and become India’s first Dance Icon.

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