Super Dampati Auditions and Registration on Colors Super

Colors Super is coming with a new reality show Super Dampati auditions. It is a couple game show where all the participants will compete with other couple participants through various games which will test the compatibility and understanding of the couples.

The Super Dampati show will organize across multiple cities in Karnataka. The show will be hosted by Murali of Bigg Boss 6 fame. The show is looking for the best couple in each city.

Super Dampati Auditions

The game show open for every couple whether you are the Just Married or happily married. The highlight of the show is the Super Dampati will travel across the states for the couples to give them the spotlight.

Super Dampati Auditions and Registration

The Participant can participate in the Super Dampati auditions through Voot App or Voot Website by visiting the website or by downloading the Voot mobile application. Click on the register button to register yourself for the show.

After that, fill the Super Dampati online registration form with relevant details of the Couples like a) Names of the Couple Participant b) Age, c) Gender, d) Address (including City, Taluka, District), e) Contact number (mobile/landline), f) Email id, g) Photograph, h)State, i)Nationality, j)Social Media Handles (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram if any).

Eligibility Criteria of Super Dampati

  • Participants must be a legally married couple
  • Participants must be resident of Karnataka, India
  • Participants must be a citizen of India.
  • Participants must be medically, physically and mentally fit and sound and that You do not have any kind of medical/physical/mental/emotional condition
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