Zee Tamil Comedy Khiladis 2017 Auditions and Registration

Zee Tamil back another reality show Comedy Khiladis – a comedy show. The show is providing a rare opportunity for the all the Tamil comedians who have the talent to make laugh others. It is the best platform for the Tamils to recognize prove their comedy talent. Zee Tamil Comedy Khiladis 2017 auditions and registration is open to all age groups.

There is no age restriction to participate in the show. The aim of the Zee Tamil Comedy Khiladis is to present best of talent from the Tamil states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Peoples from every age can participate and can give Comedy Khiladis audition.

Zee Tamil Comedy Khiladis 2017 Auditions

Zee Tamil Comedy Khiladis 2017 Auditions & Registration

To give the Comedy Khiladis auditions, register yourself by sending your audition Video on 9994411407.  Zee Tamil Comedy Khiladis 2017 auditions will take place across different cities of the Tamil Nadu.

For more details on Zee Tamil Comedy Khiladis 2017, watch this video and follow Zee Tamil Facebook Page.

Comedy Khiladis

உலக தமிழர்களுக்கு ஓர் அறிய வாய்ப்பு , உங்கள் திறமையை அங்கீகரிக்கும் ஓர் மேடையில் , புத்தம் புதிய பொலிவோடு நமது "காமெடி கில்லாடிஸ்" உங்கள் ஜீ தமிழில்#zeeTamil #zeeTamilinHdNow #ComedyKilladies

Posted by Zee Tamil on Thursday, 7 December 2017

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